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Hello everyone!  I'm Jessica, a 27 year old traveler.  I love to wander from place to place and I'm never really content to stay in one spot for to long.  I joined the Navy about a year ago and now my career is working on the electronics within helicopters.  I love it.  While it's an interesting (and time consuming) day job I miss the little things I used to do before.  I love to write, be it poetry, short stories, even lists. There's just this emotional release I get when I put pencil to paper. I want to start following some tutorial on sketching as well, just so I have another medium.  
I'm really excited to get to know everyone here.  I've been searching the gallery already and I'm loving the sense of community and togetherness you all have.  If there's one thing I look forward to it's making friends into family.  You can never have to much of that.  They can keep you on track and that sense of responsibility to another is one t
:iconjessers3192:jessers3192 3 24
Night time madness comes on slow
Changing me
Bending me to it's will
I find
I'm doing his dance
He's claiming blindness by love
Shielding his lust under the guise of adoration
Parading me, like so many before, under Nights sheet of stars
Watching his carefully placed pieces of affection
Fall into place
As the fire grows
And the drum beats faster
twisting, writhing under her mask of mourning
His sun will come, but no time soon
No matter, Sun says
Let them dance
Hold fast to his lies
Our butterflies turn to moths
Eating away at the stitching
Eye to eye
Mouth to mouth
Severing my shadow one whisper at a time
Isn't that silver tongue heavy in your mouth?
Bristling from the knowledge
My knight is fading
The ground is trampled
The darkness ripping apart
Dawn breaks through
Unforgiving light illuminates the willow
The fire coals have gone cold
With widening eyes I realize
Our sanctuary was naught but a stage
Craving her applause
He puts on quite a show
And I am but a puppet
The strings are re
:iconjessers3192:jessers3192 5 17
Your eyes haunt me
I can see the lines that make me old
Like so much water in the air on a foggy day
They cut through my skin
Straight to the bone
There are no more questions, you say
No more answers to give
It is what it is
We've said it all on this silent night
Breathe in
My Soul is what you search for
When we walk hand in hand
Tripping over broken stones in unison
Love once and it's over
Breathe out
Searching my tongue for your taste
I sit and wait for your release
Filling days with idle chat couldn't be more mundane
"Hello" this and "How do you do?" that
I crave the clarity that comes from our silence
Your forgiveness, friend
It is bitter
Filled with resent
Still, I'll take it
This crushing silence that comes from your lips
:iconjessers3192:jessers3192 4 10


20th century man
I'm wearing my Ray-bans
to block the sun
pretending I'm blinder
than the ones who really are
It's not that I'm ignorant
it's not that I can’t see
but witnessing reality
gets away the best of me
please don't get it wrong
if I let you die on the street
you know that shit happens
so don't blame it on me
you will die a hero
unknown and unseen
but I will still send flowers
to your grave so you will see
the beauty in me, the beauty in me
I cannot stand the view
of starving children on TV
so I will ease this burning pain
by going on another binge
and I detest these hooker girls
I have no pity for such trash
but still I'm kind enough to help them
by paying two fivers for a fuck
please don't get it wrong
if I let you die on the street
you know that shit happens
so don't blame it on me
you will die a hero
unknown and unseen
but I will still send flowers
to your grave so you will see
the beauty in me, the beauty in me
I might look stupid and childish
but I will tell you so you know
I was so
:iconflamealive:FlameAlive 10 3
Knight of the Petunias.
I saw a Knight in my garden today.
He was kneeling in front of my Petunias as if in prayer, his head all bowed and his hands folded.
He had golden, curly hair falling down to his shoulders, and his features were very serene. Almost as if someone had painted them on like that.
You can imagine my surprise.
It is not every day one gets to see a Knight, let alone in your garden on a sunny, Sunday morning in a sleepy suburb of London. But there he was, contemplating my Petunias.
At first I considered calling the police, but the young man was looking so peaceful as he sat there, so, in the end I decided to ask him if he would like a cup of tea instead.
Silly, perhaps.
You never know what young people will do these days of age, but I am an old woman, so there is little anyone could want to take from me. I stepped outside, still wearing my old housecoat and slippers, but somehow I didn't get the feeling he would be too concerned about my looks.
“Excuse me? Young man? Would you like a cup
:iconridderkvinden:Ridderkvinden 28 35
The Tale of Bob the Zombie
My name is Bob the Zombie
and I'm really a nice guy;
I can hardly be to blame
When my body will not die!
I think I was a baker
because I still have the clothes.
I made cakes and cookies,
pies and tarts,
and even jelly rolls.
But I think that I was bitten
By some loony on the street
He must have thought that I
Was someone good enough to eat!
I started getting rather ill
And all my buddies were afraid;
Especially when I put blood on my toast
Instead of marmalade.
And then I heard some rumor
That zombies were on the loose;
"That's preposterous!" I cried aloud
Over my mouthful of raw moose.
"Bob, you don't look so hot," they said,
"And you really, really smell.
Could it be that you've been bit
And you are one of THEM as well?"
"Come to think of it," I pondered,
"You really could be right.
My skin is decomposing
and I simply loathe the light."
Granted, I was changing,
but it wasn't really fun
When they started plotting my demise
And the places they would run.
I regret what I did nowadays
:iconmazdi:Mazdi 7 28
Look out, my boy, look into the fog...
Look out past the warnings, legends and smog...
For a tale I'll be tellin' ya, true as the day...
The tale when I saw them, the sirens, I say!
No-one ever believed me, but look boy - you'll see...
The sirens, m'boy - calling you, calling me.
What do they want, boy? What do they seek?
A weakness for the strong, or a strength for the weak?
Or neither of either, and maybe you'll find...
That what they be seekin' be here, in your mind.
So don't close your mind, boy, let the beasts pry...
And we'll keep watching the sirens, watching them spy...
:iconsleepywishes:SleepyWishes 3 2
The Broken
The beauty of the broken
Was what she loved
Seeing the fragments
Of all that he was
She glued them together
Held them close to her heart
Did not see the edges
Of each individual shard
So they cut her open  
And tore her apart
Now she too is broken
'Cause fixing is hard.
:iconaurora66:Aurora66 16 12
I Am
I care
…but not enough
I bleed
…but staunch the flow
I cry
…but dry my eyes
I soldier on
…weary from the fight
I see
…but turn a blind eye
I hear
…but tune out with music
I talk
…but it's all just lip service
I carry on
…the burden is my own
I feel
…but bury it deep
I linger
…but I'm a shadow of nothing
I want
…but self-deprivation is my host
I go on
…but there's no meaning left
I am
…without you
:iconsioranth:sioranth 21 9
Yoda Grail by RobtheDoodler Yoda Grail :iconrobthedoodler:RobtheDoodler 125 9
Voodoo Nightmares
She walks through the quarter and is given a wide berth. A Voodoo priestess is what they call her and most of them are petrified of her wrath.
The tourists consider her an attraction; a freakish side-show they must see. Some giggling, some hesitant as they clamor into her shop.
"Look but do not touch," she warns in a deep, foreign accent. They eye her warily and she eyes them right back with a grin all but one of them thinks is pure evil.
"We want to learn Voodoo," says a the boy in the back. Stepping forward he smirks and leans over, resting his elbow on her desk. He's the only one who does't think she's evil at all. He thinks she's just putting on a show with her gris gris bags and her shop filled with useless trinkets.
"I can not teach those who do not believe," she replies, her grin gone.
"Then make me believe."
She represses a sigh at his challenge. She knows his type- a non-believer in the power of magic. She drags a finger across the skin of his arm and she sees in
:iconprettyflour:prettyflour 37 30
Internet Rhapsody, a Queen Parody.
Is this the real life?
Is this just a fantasy RPG?
Caught in a glitch
No escape from virtual reality
Open your savefiles
Look up the cheats and see
I'm just a poor noob, I need codes
Because I'm "lazy player, easy mode"
Kinda high price, little seeds, on the DL
Any way the meta-score goes, doesn't really matter to me, to me
Hero, just killed an Guard
Notched an arrow in his knee
Pulled the string, now he's dead
Got a game, so life had just begun
But now I've completed it and thrown it all away
Uninstalled, ooo
Didn't mean to delete the savefiles.
If I'm not installing again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on, play something else as if nothing really matters
Too late, it's already gone
Sends shivers down my spine
Body's aching all the time
Goodbye every characters I've made - I've got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face real life
Uninstall, ooo - (any way the rating goes)
I don't want to play
I sometimes wish I'd never been started playing at all
I see a little NPC-o of a game
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 4 5
Too shy for pictures by madster865 Too shy for pictures :iconmadster865:madster865 66 25
Poetry: Too Damn Lazy
This poem and others may be found at the following link:
Warning: Fuck it
So damn lazy I shouldn't be a poet
Over here like damn I know it
Writing this just to write
Teach me I only write well at night
It's the fucking AM
I can barely even begin
Pray to the Lord Amen
Scratch that let's start over again
Monday isn't fun
One day I might be done
Sit back and watch Doctor Who
Just like the Doctor I know what to do
I feel so lazy
Wake up
And I feel hazy
Sit up
And I feel crazy
Scratch my ass like a Pokemon
My friend reading like "It's Tolkien Mahn"
Lord of the Rings is my jam
Treants tearing down that dam
I'm a pretty big fan
I watched the movie
Like The Mystery van
Scooby and the gang got me feeling groovy
Groovy Dubie snacks
Chilling and feeling lax
Scruffy's spraying the axe
Watching Mad Max
Mad cause it's filled with talentless hacks
:iconbrodskales:brodskales 17 17
Train tracks rusted over,
Puppets without strings,
Swords without handles,
Jack's missing springs.
Looking around the room
At all my broken things,
I smile sadly
Because we are the same.
We're both broken,
Inside and out,
We've cried so many tears
We can't even count.
Train tracks red with rust,
My puppets can't breathe,
Swords too dull
From Jack being cleaved.
Sharpening my sword
With tears going down my face—
I can't take this anymore,
I'll die without grace.
In one painful thrust
My sword hits my heart.
Though it can't do much more damage,
It's already been torn apart.
And as I breathe my last breath,
I can hear an evil laugh.
It's the other part of me,
It's my other half.
He told me to do this,
Hurt me 'till I screamed.
He did things to me
That can't even be dreamed.
Now I can't breathe,
My heart has been shred.
I can't believe I lost my life
To a voice inside my head.
:icongoddesskalypso:GoddessKalypso 58 20
of trees and poets.
she is death and he is life but i, am
somewhere in between.
Mother says I have a poet's heart and Father tells me that I have a swimmer's physique
but I feel
that only poets understand poetry, swimmers were not meant to have a weight of
more than 111 pounds, and irony is bitterly
I had always thought that class clowns weren't meant to be poets,
but yesterday a boy said
That he loved the pages in the science books that smelled like
you told me that there is shelter under the youngest of redwood saplings,
beauty in he most rugged of olive trees,and
That there was a time when the world was blue and green
but maybe that was a lie. my beloved books have betrayed me for
factory smoke and lung cancer.
i used to believe that boys with the names of heroes were
worth more than bloody stubs
of what-used-to-be-wings and tailbones, but
maybe I just won't be your evergreen.
:iconrosescarlet:RoseScarlet 21 13
Felicity by joemari5 Felicity :iconjoemari5:joemari5 18 2



I've been sneaking around on Deviantart for a while now, and finally decided to create an account.  There's so much talent here and I love the community. I'm more of a dabbler than a serious artist.  However, I love to read and I have been interested in writing since I could pick up a pencil.  I'm looking into getting more serious about my short stories and poetry.  I want to grow as a writer and starting in November I'll be participating in the National Novel Month.  Any and all feedback would be very appreciated. I'm just at this point in my life where I'm looking for hobbies and something to be excited about.  I don't have a ton of free time, but what I do have I'm more than willing to share here.  Thanks for taking the time to check out my page!


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